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    Default Back after a long abrupt stop

    Robo is back very rusty need some oil Boop Boop
    Missed out on all kinds of codes and goodies
    When I abruptly stopped 2019 was because I fell 8ft landed only on the back of my head fracturing 1/3 of my skull Note: I did not receive any medical attention, my brain rewired when brain tissues were trying to heal.
    I am lucky to be alive from that.
    Now on to September 2020. After my fall I needed a hobby that would help with motor skills, focusing, learning how to use glasses for the first time. (Double astigmatism in one eye and a astigmatism in the other)
    So I started picking rocks (pudding stones are my favorite) I saw a 60-70 pound pudding stone in the ground i waited for rain being rocky terrain. So in the rain holding a metal crowbar wearing steel toes I hit a 440 volt underground wire 3 inches under ground the pudding stone disintegrated before my eyes. (Honestly if those were my last moments totally worth it seeing that stone turn to dust while being fried was amazing, wanting to see my long term girlfriend again gave me the fortitude to break free from the grasp of electricity.
    I never got to see her again the head Trauma was too much for her to deal with) I became a new person different personality different views and was a complete stranger I went to the other side of the state to get better, she had already made up her mind on leaving me and never told me 4.5k later (proposal stuff rings the real engagement ring (a 9mm 1911 compact range officer elite champion) what a girl right?
    I'm 34 she isn 27 new Boy is 21. Crushed, she never even got to see the progress I had made for her, worst part I found out over Facebook checking my profile one day.
    My best friend Homer a Red Bloodhound passed away Aug 1st 2020 ( it was time mass cell and lymphoma )
    I logged in today first time since my fall there was my boy wearing his top hat he had been immortalized in the digital world and the best game I have ever played with by far the best people and true friends behind a screen or not you build real relationships here.
    I am lucky to be alive today. I am here for a reason.
    I may be rusty, I'm for sure emotional at times, my anger is better don't put me down or make fun of me for not being able to understand and or comprehend what is going on even if you explain it over and over. Day to day changes I may remember something one day but not remember it another.
    I am happy and that's what truly matters so I want to keep doing the thing that brought me so much joy for all the years.
    Much more has happened in 2020 than this I keep positive I am still healing every day, I will never be who or where I was.
    Covid has made things worse I'm battling social security for disability which is going to take forever as they are letting stuff pile up because the world stopped.
    Backpay wont happen as it's the day they open the letter so they will accept instantly because if not they will have to backpay from the original date on paperwork. Law is dumb sometimes
    I'm going on no income since July and am depending on friends to take care of me (support me fully and pay for my needs)
    Not filing my taxes and waiting for this year to end cost me the 1,200 stimulus package was hoping to get that with 2 years of income taxes.
    So if your 2020 was bad it just think about the little robot who could keep moving forward despite all the hurdles just think of Robo.
    Long one if you take the time to read this thank you.
    Positive posts here will do more than you know.
    Best player base best Moderators
    Thank you for all the previous years of playing together and many more to come.
    Signed Robo.
    Robopit-16 Arti, 2 Paladin, 2 Rogue
    Moltenrock-12 FvS, 2 Paladin, 6 Wizard, 8 Epic
    Caizel-20 Bard, 8 Epic
    Doresain-Depends so don't List
    Alignment Test Shows me as Neutral Evil (True Evil) HA!
    Officer of Lava Divers

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    I feel for you man. Youre so lucky to have such great friends like you have.

    Welcome back to DDO and I hope all the best for you in 2021!

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    wow, long live Robo! thanks for sharing.
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