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    Default R1 Too Hot to Handle

    Hello fellow Orienites!

    I'd like to work towards getting Orien a R1 THTH. I'd like to do it as a community effort.
    The goal is to have people from different guilds working together into getting this completion. We currently have a small group of players working towards it and would like to expand the team!
    For far we have been practising runs on Hard to work on our crowd control throughout the raid. We have been practising our R1 strategy so then that way there is less chance for us to make hiccups in our R1 attempts.
    We would like to expand the team more and soon begin weekly attempts at the raid on R1!

    We have been using the Orien Raiding Discord to communicate with our strategy and also to communicate during the raid (ddo voice chat is awful!).

    If anyone is interested in more details please do not hesitate to contact me either here or on Discord, BandVP#6207
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    At Turbine HQ suggesting what to nerf next.


    Good luck! Hope you guys kill it!
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    I like your confidence! What class and role are you looking for Bandvp? I have a cleric and a paladin at cap right now. Did the R1 pug LOB with you a few days ago, you owned and saved the raid. Thanks for that!

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