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    Default DDO HARDCORE LEAGUE EVENT PREP New video series on youtube

    My Adventure.AI YouTube Channel has a new video series playlist:


    The First Video in the series is a look at my Baby Bear Build and a discussion about Hardcore League, the broken immunity items (like proof against poison/disease, etc) and we do some testing of those items then run some quests out in the Borderlands.

    Featuring in-depth conversations about DDO during the Hardcore League Event. (The video is time-coded to allow for content-specific viewing)

    I have experience participating in all 3 of the Hardcore League Events, GMing Death Smile, and going for the goals myself. I learned tips and tricks to do quests that can stump some players, which I will share with you during the series, as well as share my thoughts about ddo HCL.

    Tailored towards beginners and players who are new to the Hardcore League Event.
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