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    Default Guarenteed Loot System

    Just do something. I really don't care what. I just ransacked Best Laid Plans for the fifth time(usually not alone) without getting an orb everyone insists drops like candy when I am not around. My guild mates gave up trying to help me because they said it was ridiculous that it was taking so long.

    If you are reading this and thinking, "that's ridiculous, just keep plugging away and you will get it", then consider that each time you run a quest with 5 named items on elite, the odds of you getting the particular named item you want is 6.67% with a 93.3% chance you do not get the item you want. .933^40 is 0.06 or 6% chance of my circumstances occurring and there are probably 100 players in your guild alone.

    There aren't many things that make me take a break from DDO but fruitless grinding is one of them. Raid runes was a great system and addressed the worst of the issue, but the fact that looting a chest 40+ times (swapping between alts to avoid ransack) without getting the item you want is just depressing. It is possible to survive without a particular item but then you have to compete and play with the 94% of players that did get the item and its just frustrating to know you are missing a quarter of your damage because of such a stupid reason as unltra bad luck.

    There are so many ways this could be addressed and some of them have gotta be somewhat simple to implement whether that is an adventure pack-based rune system or guaranteed chest drops on 100th+ opening or whatever. Just something so that a player can count down to when they know for a fact that they are done. It's hard to even justify trying more because its not like the odds of getting the item are going up each time I loot either, its 40% per ransack no matter how many times you have ransacked already and that is HORRIBLY demoralizing.

    LITERALLY make full loot drop on the 100th opening and I would take it. Or make gaurenteed loot drops on third REROLL so you can get people buying more shards. It's hardly pay to win because you can favor grind out the points to buy the shards anyway.

    Just put SOMETHING....

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    I hear you, its frustrating... especially if you need multiples of items for alts. Locking basic named items behind this kind of RNG Hades is not very fun or fair.

    I have been advocating for a while an 8 runs get a full basic named item list on the end reward window, no mythic or reaper bonuses. The tech already exists in game on the Mindsunder quest in the IQ pack. Or some other mechanic like Ravenloft totems or quest tokens that drop or whatever, as long as there is 'light at the end of the tunnel' for us to progress.

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    Several quests and quest chains already have this, giving a full list of items every third run. They could add this to other quests easily enough.

    Maybe add all the items as choices for a saga reward, at least for the quests in the saga.

    Or trade the ingredients you get in the chests in the Ravenloft/Sharn/Feywild packs for named items, in addition to the weapon options.

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    Default Sorry for wall of text

    I agree with you very much so. I've been taking notes since last summer since I play as a family with my hubby, our son and sometimes our daughter. I have a notebook with the quests written down, columns for heroic and epic, we do mostly elite now when we group together, I make check marks for myself, & write first initials for each family member. Some notations have dates, some don't, I wasn't a perfect note taker.

    I used to just feel like my loot luck was bad because hubby and son were always having to pass me stuff but with notes... with notes I can tell you definitively son has things drop in his name not quite but almost twice as often as hubby, and hubby has things drop in his name twice as often as I do. My daughter doesn't play as much so its much harder to tell but when she does play her loot luck seems to be the same as mine or worse and that is saying something.

    As an example, last summer while our son had access to Sharn but we hadn't purchased it yet for him, we ran as many of our characters that were up to it through there. So six full runs of the chain on LE, and 3 on HE (because the characters were heroic level), then we took the best characters we had working together and ransacked the individual quests on LE once a week for 3 weeks in July. We still didn't get everything, some of the rings weren't dropping for any of us, still haven't dropped for us. Most things only a single copy dropped. I don't think anything was dropping "like candy" a term I read quite frequently on these forums but have never actually witnessed.

    According to my notes my son seemed to have slightly higher than the 32% drop rate of elite getting something nearly every other quest, my hubby was closer to 1 in 4 quests or runs and sometimes 1 per 3, my own luck seemed to be 1 and rarely 2 items per saga or ransack. So not quite as bad as it felt sometimes but still lame.

    Hubby and I had run it before last summer and had very little, because just the two of us weren't quite capable of LE and anything less than elite and the drop rate is absurdly awful. Like run both entire sagas without a dang thing dropping awful.

    But everyone will say you don't have enough data till you have at least a thousand runs.

    And the devs have already said they aren't bringing back loot on quest chain end rewards because they don't want to incentivize people running on normal through an entire chain and getting something. Seems to me they've dis-incentivized playing on NORMAL to such a degree I don't see it happening for any but the most desperate. I'm sure someone also said they'd prefer to do away with the repeat a chain 3x and get something, so I highly doubt they will ever reintroduce that mechanic.

    If you ever want to know why loot is so RNG and hard to acquire IMHO you really shouldn't look any further than A$ rerolls and how profitable they are for the company. Just yesterday I saw someone posted they had spent over a thousand Astral Shards rerolling Feywild chests... that's money in the game's coffers. But its gambling as I see it, and I won't have any part of it.
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    A few options that I use to handle this. Note: this is expensive but seems to work.
    1. Targeted rerolling of chests with appropriate buffs and loot boosts
    2. Run it on as high of reaper as possible
    3. Have a toon that uses Treasure Finding on the chest before looting
    4. Have multiple alts to help farm up what you are looking for.

    Better system
    1. Allow base item to be improved with mythic 1 and 3 token (Like slaver's statuettes and busts that isn't impossible to get) - Maybe make the token available for a heroic or epic TR
    3. Allow base item to be improved with reaper 3 token or +2 stat token for helms only - Maybe allow a certain amount of reaper xp to be traded for this.

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    Default or put some named items in optional chests

    When there are multiple named items in a quest. How about putting 1 or 2 in an optional objective chest may be specifically weapons. Here's looking at you RL and other other packs. That way will encourage people to play the devs work. Also Sagas which already have a reward system for better rewards the higher difficulty. Astral shard re-rolls is gambling as simple as that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Somebody87 View Post
    Just do something. I really don't care what. I just ransacked Best Laid Plans for the fifth time(usually not alone) without getting an orb everyone insists drops like candy when I am not around. My guild mates gave up trying to help me because they said it was ridiculous that it was taking so long.
    I just feel with you. I have similar problems. I have seen Nash's pirate hat from the "Smoke" Cerulean Hills quest only ONCE in a lifetime ! And that was on the HC server !
    Same with the orb in the "Home Of Memories" quest ... seen on the HC, someone else took it because he needed it as a caster.

    I really do miss that old chain end rewards loot system of Catacombs etc. !

    I can only be glad that it is still there/intact for a few other chains ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aelonwy View Post
    But everyone will say you don't have enough data till you have at least a thousand runs.
    This is what all these people would say who also say "it drops like candy".
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    put some named items in optional chests
    This is the answer. It's already done, albeit inconsistently. For example, the giant chest in A Frosty Reception drops named items. I don't understand why this isn't done throughout the game. Especially at end-game where reaper XP is the focus, players are incentivized to blast through a quest to the end chest.
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    Well first off I just want to point out a 6% chance isnt even as unlucky as just rolling a 1 on 1d20...

    But yes absolutely a safety net mechanic would be a good and welcome addition to loot grinding. I've always advocated the benchmark should be about as many repetitions as it would take to get a 90% chance of a drop...if you get there and still no drop, you get a full loot table to choose from.

    I dont think it can be based on completions, though, since that would just encourage Normal zerging till you hit the mark. I think a currency turn-in is the better way, since that scales based on difficulty, and its already largely in place: just sell Ravenloft loot for Vistani totems, sell Sharn loot for the rare Sharn-only Nearly Finished mats, sell Fey loot for Ferrocrystal, etc.

    That wouldnt replace running the quests natively, since that's still statistically your better option, but it would create a backstop of maximum "bad luck" a player is allowed to experience.

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