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    Default Returning to the game, looking for some good people.

    Heya! So, as the title suggests, I'm returning to DDO. Been playing off and on since 2009. Sadly a few wipes of accounts, and having to start a new one; so I'm starting fresh again. Looking for a laid-back guild, something that really won't require a ton of time demands (2 month old daughter, she kinda trumps everything else at the moment), just figured I'd put something on here to see if anyone would be interested in taking in a Veteran to the game that has no clue what he's doing but loves the game and enjoys leveling! Thanks!

    Jonkk Jonkkie (feel free to shoot me a message)

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    Welcome back,

    Geezers Only and The Wildcats are recruiting actively recently. Legends of Orien, Tycoons of Tomorrow and Qicken Us take everyone. Khopesh and Quivers are young and ambitious. Obsidian Rose are old and ambitious :P. And Old Curiosity Shop and Afterlife are small but take on new players, too. A new guild on the playing field is The Fifth Season, casual and family friendly.

    Have a look here for an overview. The list is up-to-date.

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