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    Lightbulb My Solo Radiant Titan Life - A story of a character brought back to life

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, hope I don't mess too much.

    I started to play around 2009-2010 a bit after DDO went free to play, I played actively on Orien until update 22-23 then I stopped, I don't exactly remember why I stopped but I'm fairly certain school had something to do with it.

    I tried to come back in 2016, but the amount of new stuff was overwhelming.
    About 7 month ago I started a D&D 3.5 paper with my brother and a few friends, I was looking for a character and I remember DDO and wanted to create a artificer, because that was the last class they had added to the game. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, I saw a post on facebook of the new update 47 coming and wanted try the game again. I still had my account and all my character were there(except many of them were lock with the lack of VIP). I started to play and I guess the time was right and got hooked back.

    I still had a level 28 toon on his 5th life, but with the overwhelming content added I wasn't sure how to start back. I still had ddo point left and I said to myself, why don't I TR and re-enjoy old content and see new content added while leveling. I need some Epic Token and I was a bit short, I purchased the lowest epic content there was and one I remembered, Devil Assault and started to farm Token, I looked into the forums and found an old Solo Cleric build from
    sirgog - The Radiant Titan
    I didn't want to look into new classes and new races, I wanted to go slowly.

    I went roughly through a TO DO list before TR guide and got some gear to help me TR. I decided to go slowly and do as many quest as possible, to try to experience back what made me play all those year back in the day.

    So I took my epic token bought a heart, turn in the heart and logged back to lobby and looked at the TR button for 5 minutes and thought to myself, "Am I really motivated to TR???" - I stopped there without pressing it and went to sleep, The whole day after I was at worked and I kept thinking about a way I could motivated myself. I got back home and logged in and without hesitation I did it I pressed the button and I TRed.

    I followed the build and I actually started the tutorial, I gotta say the voice acting is so much worth it. I did the tutorial and got to snowy Khortos.

    And this is where I want to start this thread, I decided to record every quest solo I could and do as much I could before level 20. I already had recorded walk-through style video in the past, but my computer at the time was a mess and I didn't really know what I was doing. I know a lot of people record each quest and post them individually and that's fine, I did the same thing.

    Instead I want to tell a story, explain what I'm thinking during quest and enjoy the game.

    Here is the first video -

    and here is my Youtube channel - Ysukai

    Here is the playlist -

    I added a timestamp for each quest in the videos, look in the description.

    I am looking for some feedback

    PS. I did buy a good mic along the way around level 7.
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    Default Reserve for quest list


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    I have seen folks start these things and get burnt out

    I recommend some funner goals for you to aim for
    Wiki dashboard with some useful stealthplay links
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