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    Default Crimson Eagles and Friends Challange Raid Night

    Hey guys!

    we just had an amazing and super productive night, one of my most memorable in ddo ever.

    we took 12 people into some fairly unknown areas of the game and came out winners each time!

    first up was Reaper 8 Legendary Hound.

    This was the highest I have completed since the reopening of the quest on reaper mode. Great job everyone! VIP Milacias for keeping everything CC'ed just long enough to eek a win here!

    on a side note, I got my 156th and final reaper point in the reaper 8 hound. Sweet way to finish off that mighty grind!

    next up we hit Reaper 8 Double Dragon! loads of vengeance reapers in here to make things a little more fun!

    VIP for this one was Sno for keeping up through some massive incoming damage and never wavering! i was unfamiliar with this one as a melee, and took a nice big hit from killing the artifact in the center, 5k damage XD

    Next was Reaper 8 Shadow Dragon. Got some good lag in this one, and many people had only run this a couple times

    VIP for this one is definitely Jetel (Jess) for leading an unfamiliar group through to the end

    Next up was Hard 2H2H. this one was rough and took 2 tries, lots of lag tonight, but this one rarely gets run above normal difficulty.

    VIP for 2H2H is Me! (one vote cast) for Getting that DPS done when it mattered most!

    Last raid was R7 Strahd. Stairs got a little hairy though taking all that damage from the will save spikes. Cards took 30 seconds and was one of the smoothest executions ive ever seen.

    VIP goes to the Healers, Miniray and Favo-1 for keeping the end fight going.

    this was a great showing by everyone involved, social distanced firm handshakes to everyone.
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    Awesome job to everyone involved! We had a lot of fun pushing ourselves beyond what was comfortable and made some awesome accomplishments! Congrats on your 156th Reaper Point Shanayney!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zappy View Post

    VIP for this one was Sno for keeping up through some massive incoming damage and never wavering! i was unfamiliar with this one as a melee, and took a nice big hit from killing the artifact in the center, 5k damage XD
    Actually Jem can firmly take the credit for that kill Shanayney ... her flippant remark of 'go hug the artifact' casually said in the madness of battle was like the joke you play on newbs - but hey you weren't to know ... LOL... that was awesome

    Also awesome was Sno's massive panic ('panic' in that laconic laid back way of prioritising eating at the same time ) each time he got cursed in Strahd was highly amusing. We had such good healers and tanks through all of these - it was wonderful on a melee Oh and CC too - even when it was in the room and not just in the floor! Thank you all. A lot of fun.
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    Great fun today!

    Not sure how we got through the THTH with that lag though though.

    But the reason you died when the crystal broke in FOTP was you forgot to /hug.

    Thanks to everyone who came!
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    Well done. Looks like you all had a great time!
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    Hi Welcome

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