I'm kinda new-ish. I used to play DDO back in 2008-2011 then went on a hiatus for a long time cause I got lonely and bored, and I hit a brick wall in leveling and doing dungeons/raids

I am from Europe, GMT+1, I was told Ghallanda has a lot of European players so I'm hoping to hook up with a guild that's around my timezone

At the moment I am running a Flame of Justice Warforged Paladin which I'm trying to build up as a tank with some buffs

I'm fairly active and love running/grinding dungeons/raids however it's difficult on your own when the server seems dead when it comes to PUG

I'm looking for a guild with experienced players who can maybe answer my million and one in-game questions as well as hoping to make some buddies along the way!

I do like to RP and I also have Discord and would love an active guild on Discord

I also run an Oath of Vengeance Warforged Paladin during table-top DnD 5e

IGN: IronLight

Please feel free to message me in-game or send in-game mail or message privately here!