Long running guild going through a refresh of members; looking for new and veteran players. Usual guild activity is during the evenings (Eastern Time Zone), but come on at anytime. Looking for players that want to have fun and help each other out. We'll even accept lone wolf players just wanting a guild to call home after a long adventure.
Contact Kassandri (Guild leader); or officers - Kyltpzxym, Liefsplit, Arcea or Saydiri for invite in game via message or chat; or leave your character name via this thread and we'll send you an invite

Discord Chat Server - Legends of Under Mountain Guild - DDO

Just a few ground guides to help:
- Support each other
- Notify Guild leader or officers if you are going to be away for a lengthy (3 months or more) journey. This way we do not remove you after 3 months.
- We understand RL (Real Life) happens. RL comes first before game. Family comes first. We'll still be here when you come back.
- We have members listed beyond 1 year that founded the guild. They are part of the Guild Memorium - Shamonah, Mennonah, and Brothii. They are not to be removed, but part of the eternal flame of the guild. If we hear of a member's loss in RL, we will add their character to this list.

Hope to hear from you soon!