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    Default Acid main hand end game weapon?

    Any Acid Sorcs or Acid Alchemists want to share what they’re using in their main hand at cap? Offhand has a bunch of nice options to swap in and out, but I don’t think there is an obvious main hand weapon at cap for Acid like there is for Fire or Ice.

    Or is there an obvious one that I’m just missing?
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    Maybe Dissolution? They aren't a weapon, but they have most of what you need for an acid alchemist.

    Corrosion +185
    Acid Lore +27%
    Acid Absorption 43%
    Conjuration Focus +7

    Or epic burnscar's sash. I'd probably suggest that and open up your bracer spot for something else.

    I can't think of any weapons off the top of my head, but I would toss in a nightmother's sceptre for the +11 to dc and spell pen.
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