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    Default Incomplete crafting system

    At this late date I still can not understand
    why there is no ... potion brewing, scroll writing and
    wand construction.

    Key parts of the PnP D&D crafting system totally ignored.

    If you worried about the economy, just make it all BTA ?

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    Crafting was not originally a part of DDO like it was in LOTRO - it was added long after the fact. As a result its always been a very strange crafting system.

    We should be able to craft all the things you listed - whatever is in the DnD rules - along with the extra video game style things

    Considering how well thought out the LOTRO crafting is, and how relevant it can be to playing and the economics of time around farming for gear vs crafting gear I would love to see DDO cannith crafting revamped to expand its usefulness - especially now that the level cap is increasing.

    I would also like to see the Cannith Challenges revisited and updated to make gear for level cap - the cannith challenges are a lot of fun and the gear is great. Other challenge gear out in ES could do with an update too

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    We have ... parts ... of that.

    Spell inscriptions -> Wizards, Artificers, Alchemists

    Brewing ->

    • Alchemists
    • Artificers ("the "Admixtures")
    • Rogues (falls into the category of "Trapmaking" -> Grenades, nobody seems to actually use them, as I have never seen Grenades or Mines in use, because most players seem to prefer a zerging style of playing through quests : )

    So ... Wand construction is seemingly the only thing not covered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Lord_Mary View Post
    Crafting was not originally a part of DDO like it was in LOTRO - it was added long after the fact. As a result its always been a very strange crafting system.
    DDO doesn't have "a" crafting system. It has like 2 dozen different incompatible crafting systems.
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    So much of this game feels incomplete. It's getting unplayable for me. Almost all quest chains and systems are abandoned, and left with nothing but garbage loot. What is the hot new named item today, is next expansions ****, and it never gets upgraded to stay viable.

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