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    Default What are the "Must Have" Cleric feats/enhancements, etc?

    I'm making an Aasimar pure Cleric. Fairly traditional D&D style; plate, big shield, SWF of some sort. Turning undead, healing, a little fighting. You get the idea.
    What sort of goals do you think I should plan towards for Heroic play? I don't know that I'll end up using him for Reaper or even Epic...but maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyArkham View Post
    Fairly traditional D&D style; plate, big shield, SWF of some sort.
    The SWF feats will only work with a shield if you have the Skirmisher enhancement from Swashbuckler (bard) tree; and it only works with bucklers which limits your gear options. While bard 3 / cleric 17 is a doable build, I would recommend sticking with pure cleric using 2H weapons or regular SWF (i.e, with an orb in your offhand).

    As for which feats you need, it depends on whether you're going melee battlecleric or caster focused; and also whether you have the Falconry tree. See Axel's thread, my F2P battlecleric, and my cleric domains thread in my sig.
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