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    change it back to the previous layout please. the DM text line is super confusing and screen-wide message. it sucks :/
    as mentioned in this thread before: make it a toggle if possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    This was a choice. Where would you like to see it be in terms of frequency gated by minimum level?
    Personally, I like no level gating, because it's interesting and maybe serves as a warning to (newer) players. Maybe if they see Greater Arcane Skeleton, it's time to be extra careful, or run. Clearly the new level 3 quests are serial killers now too.

    I was happy with it just in chat window, but I don't really care about on screen or not.

    However, here's a serious suggestion - why not announce milestones when players reach 20, or 1750/5000 favor? Is it not possible, too difficult technically? I'd like to see players get a pat on the back for succeeding the same way they get publicly flogged for misadventure failures.

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    Some of it has to do with constant frequency over a given time period as to whether the yellow text is distracting. Of course a few Parties were wiped today as about 4 Deaths very rapidly appeared from the same level players and same unique mob, etc. However, that was amusing as was a weird "String Table" death message.

    The 'String Table Death' meassage was comical; I won't disclose the Players name (as I'm posting on the forums). I think it was a: Level 3, death by Warlock Cyressy. So most likely the rare Troglodyte near the end of: Walk the Butcher's Path.

    That was a <String_Table> Death message appearing at: 02 July around 1:18pm UTC.

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    Okay, now I've begun to see it.

    I think it should appear in chat window, and in addition users should be given a choice:

    1. Center screen in big yellow letters
    2. Center Screen in big yellow letters but only for members of your party. (What? HotDwarf just died?)
    3. Top of screen (the same as Guild-leveling announcements)
    4. None of the above
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eelpout View Post
    HAHAHA. True. The announcements need to be more in line with how they were the first 2 seasons. The "fix" to this seasons messaging is a bit over the top. (Or more precisely, right smack in the middle)
    The only problem with the old style, is it was the same style of message of when a trap is spotted. In previous HCL I nearly filled my shorts every time someone died

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