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    change it back to the previous layout please. the DM text line is super confusing and screen-wide message. it sucks :/
    as mentioned in this thread before: make it a toggle if possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    This was a choice. Where would you like to see it be in terms of frequency gated by minimum level?
    Personally, I like no level gating, because it's interesting and maybe serves as a warning to (newer) players. Maybe if they see Greater Arcane Skeleton, it's time to be extra careful, or run. Clearly the new level 3 quests are serial killers now too.

    I was happy with it just in chat window, but I don't really care about on screen or not.

    However, here's a serious suggestion - why not announce milestones when players reach 20, or 1750/5000 favor? Is it not possible, too difficult technically? I'd like to see players get a pat on the back for succeeding the same way they get publicly flogged for misadventure failures.

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    Some of it has to do with constant frequency over a given time period as to whether the yellow text is distracting. Of course a few Parties were wiped today as about 4 Deaths very rapidly appeared from the same level players and same unique mob, etc. However, that was amusing as was a weird "String Table" death message.

    The 'String Table Death' meassage was comical; I won't disclose the Players name (as I'm posting on the forums). I think it was a: Level 3, death by Warlock Cyressy. So most likely the rare Troglodyte near the end of: Walk the Butcher's Path.

    That was a <String_Table> Death message appearing at: 02 July around 1:18pm UTC.

    Kobold Shamans still hate people...

    My Assassin still hasn't died yet, touch wood, etc.
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