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    Default Looking for a current monk build

    Recently completed racial lives and going back thru to complete some heroics lives for triple completionist and monk is up next. I hated playing monk when i tried it many years ago. Would like to trap for the xp bonus so rogue splash is probably optimal and I run with a sorc so no big deal getting through the lives, but I wanna have SOME fun. Crafting is no problem and I can farm anything if needed but would like to keep it simple. These 2 heroic lives will be R1 with pots burning. Should I look at a staff build or thrower? Could someone point me towards a heroic build to take care of my last 2 monk lives?

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    Shuriken is powerful in epics but if it's just for heroics i would go with a unarmed build 12monk/6 Rogue/2 fighter using stunning fist + no mercy + sneak dmg to kill fast (if you are playing with a sorcerer you may wanna be fast and reach the mobs first before they get bombarded.

    12 monk for unarmed dmg, master stance, speed, abundant step, shintao t5 36pt for+crit with handwraps + defenses and stunning abilities, ninja spy 26pt for shadow veil, unbalancing strike, sneak dmg and no mercy
    2 fighter for feats, haste boost and extra action boost 10pt kensai
    6 rogue for trap skills, sneak dmg and umd, 3pt thieft acrobat for fast movement
    5pt elsewhere. (If you have Falconry tree that is also a very good option for this build so could take only 11ap in ninja spy for shadowveil and the rest on falconry with some shintao, kensai)

    Leveling would be something like: first level rogue for skills, then fighter for thf weapon on low levels+ haste boost, then 6 monk levels, 1 rogue, 1 ftr, 6 monk, rest rogue. Feats Twf line, fists of light, dodge, mobility, stunning fist, past lifes, spring attack, precision, imp critical bludgeon, combat expertise, whirlwind attack, etc

    Race human for extra feat and 3 pt for heal amp and dmg boost

    You could go dex based for more reflex save and ac using to hit and dmg from ninja spy 2 cores, using earth stance for tanking and fire or wind for dmg, some wis for will saves and stunning abilities, some int for skills, constitution, some cha for umd, etc.

    haven't played on low levels in a while but that build is very fun, good speed, tactics, dmg, defenses, etc. (Helpful gear, stunning, imp deception, dmg, deadly, accuracy sheltering, resistance, fortification, deathblock, true seeing, dodge, blurry, resists, haste or speed, etc)
    Someone could correct me just my thoughts.
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