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Thread: 3 Days to go

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    Default 3 Days to go

    ok, who plans on helping out F2P and Prem open
    elite and Reaper?

    Just curious.
    I personally do not do reaper (currently)

    the only 2 ways I know to bring those folks in on elite
    is either group and personally go in with them by opening it on elite

    or have a toon that already did elite, group and stay in that zone til they enter

    I could make a toon that elites harbor then keep him there to help free/prem but it would be a lot of work
    to make alts for all zones

    might be better to create guilds for the Free/Prem and have some friendly VIP organize
    guild runs


    also, not helping them is also a legitimate choice, this is a contest after all
    Whatever I choose, it will only be 10% of my play time.


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    Agree that this is the premise, they will have to work 3 times harder they will have to do 3 quests to your one. Let them enjoy the game, let them have some scares or die a couple of times. It's all in good fun, most of the people that play will not have ever done permadeath before. They'll use a build they find on the internet and not know why they are putting points where they are putting them just so they can say they tried out hardcore and in 3 days when they have went through 3 characters who knows back to normal or try again. I mean you want to help them do korthos on elite that's more feasible. The 3 introductory and the tavern that's not going to hurt anything and your right it is a competition. After that push the little fellas out of the nest into the carnage. You can't play for them. Going into this if your not going to try and solo it (which I am going to do)its a challenge, your going to need a team to do it a coordinated team that know all the bumps and bruises your going to take going for the favor rewards worse yet the reaper experience. Don't over do it help get them through the first 4 then let them find their own way. Just some thoughts.

    My main account is bugged wont let me post waiting on CS im using my alt account.

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    elite is fairly easy

    until champions start showing up...then not easy

    so F2P could very well just normal the lot and go for the lvl 20 and the low tier Favor prize

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