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    Default ASF confusion with pure alchy compared to bard lvl1/ alchy lvl 14

    i am at a loss here as tittle says the pure lvl 10 alchy class has asf but lvl 1 bard/ lvl 14 alchy doesnt am i missing something here or is it a bug since is confusing me to no end

    first pic is pure alchy at lvl 10

    second is the bard/alchy build at lvl 15
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    Bard gets no asf for bard spells from light armour. Alchemist does.
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    "The Arcane Spell Failure from light armor (but not shields) is ignored by Bards when casting Bard spells." It's not transitive: i.e., a bard / Alchemist still has to deal with ASF when casting Alchemist spells.

    An armor-wearing Alchemist needs to invest in other forms of ASF such as Arcane Fluidity (elf) or Spell Agility blue augment.
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    One problem, Unbongwah you can't use the augment til level 12, and the only ones that have any version of Arcane fluidity is Elves( of any type) as you've stated and Warforged/Bladeforged with Inscribed Armour, and even then that's not so good because you have to use healers friend for warforged because there is no repair infusion in any Alchemist "spell" . At the very least Bladeforged gets Reconstruct.

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