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    Default Is there a Robust List of Crannith Crafting Bugs, Somewhere?

    Hello Forum Dwellers,

    Is there a list of all the Cannith Crafting Bugs posted somewhere either here in the forums or on DDOWiki, etc.? If so, the list should be Sticky to the top of at least this forum.

    Reason Requested:
    Unlike other bugs which may be just a visual artifact or something that affects all players equally (like Lynnabels massive posts); Cannith bugs like the infamous keen + Red slot can cause crafters to lose valuable augments, and the wasting of the ever precious collectibles because of the high threshold requirements. At least a sticky post in the Cannith Crafting forum or somewhere warning new crafters and reminding older crafters of the costly bugs that leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

    What happened to bring forth this post:
    I was crafting a collar (which should have been the first warning), which had an orange and red slot (the new change to the loot system circa patch 46). So after all is said and done, the Damage: effect damage (Cold in my case) is only 1d6 when it should be 4d6 at level 18 (like the same error with all guard items). In addition, I threw glaciation in one augment slot with a Ruby of Glacier in the other. Of course, the Ruby of glacier never proc'ed over a thousand bites by my artie pet, so I never got to observe if glaciation applied an added effect. (oh, and I dismissed my pet and logged off (another Crafting pet bug) before running the tests).

    IF you know of a compiled list relating to Cannith Crafting, could you post a link here. I would appreciate it.
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