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    Default Epicify Kundarak & coinlords favor quests that are able to be ran on reaper

    Solo quests are not able to be ran on reaper
    Korthos quests are not able to be ran on reaper

    So this is a decent screening method for epicification!

    Why do this for house kundarak and coinlords favor quests?

    To make getting the extra character inventory easier and more fruitful!

    What else needs to be considered in this process?

    Adding tokens of the twelve to the end chests of the epic version of these quests once the epic version is added!


    To make farming for Tokens of the twelve feel less grindy and more enjoyable!

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    For 150 Favor in Kundarak, you actually can get enough by running Kundarak Epic Content (Red Fens, VoN), though you'd need VoN 5, so one quest would be sufficient (guess Made to Order works fine, as it's another Haywire Quest).

    Coin Lords is more difficult, as there are only 2 Epic Quests for Coin Lords (Devil Asault and Chronoscope). Yet there is a lot of potential for upgrades when they increase the level cap. Inspire Quarters as legendary comes to mind, which alone has enough Favor for second inventory space, though both Lordsmarch chains would get close at least, is enough with Devil Assult and Chronoscope (one of the few raids you don't need flagging or multiple people to run).

    Tokens of the Twelves are an old thing that is still in the game, but I'm rather positive that there will never be any more quests that give tokens. Maybe new ways to obtain hearts, or more challenges to get the mats you can trade for tokens, but not token itself.

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