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    Hello all, I am returning to the game and have the veteran status to have 32 point 1st life characters but how do i know what to prioritize when it comes to feats, skills, spells, enhancements is there any way to single the good ones from the bad ones? What is the easiest way to figure out without taking the learning lumps? thank you in advance

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    There's waaaay too much to learn about DDO to answer such a vague question easily. Your best bet is simply to look for a build or thread which interests you (the Build Repository is a good place to start) and ask questions. Or simply go to the Request a Build thread and say, "I want a character who can do <X>" and get an explanation of how to make <X> work or why <X> doesn't work in DDO.
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    What Un' said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogok View Post
    What is the easiest way to figure out without taking the learning lumps?
    There is none - at least, no "easy" way. I believe, 100%, that there is no way to "learn" in DDO except "learning by doing". And if you don't know, and you try to make your own build, you're going to take lumps.

    So, it comes down to 2 choices: either 1) use a forum-approved build, enjoy its vet-tested strengths and figure out why it is strong while you play, or 2) try to make your own, and know the bittersweet jpride of your own failures, and figure out why it fails while you die.

    Your choice.

    (There actually is a 3rd - post your build here, and get constructive criticism on it. But that often takes the form of "You want -this other- build", so you're back to option 1. But you might learn a little without dying.)

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