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    Default How to add more game subscriptions to my SSG account?

    I currently have 2 DDO subscriptions on my SSG account, and would like to add a third.

    But I am unable to find out how to do that, can anyone please help me with that?

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    Afaik you can't.

    Having 2 accounts under one log-in is a legacy effect from "way back when". It happened to some(?) accounts when you were F2P and first when Premium/VIP. Happened to me - one account is my log-in name, and one is "date based".

    I like it, b/c I log in w/ just one user name/password, and then select which I want to log in to. (And dual-boxing works just fine, just select other account, np.)

    But afaiu it's not something you can trigger intentionally, nor something that happens any more. Could be wrong, but that's what I remember when I asked about it.

    Best solution is to just register a new F2P account that is 1 character off from your current account, w/ a password that mirrors that change, and then upgrade that one.

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