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    Default Toggle Feat to Trade Strikethrough for Melee Power

    Disclaimer: I don't claim to know enough about balancing this game to know if this is a good idea or a terrible idea.

    I call it Focused Force and you toggle it on and off similarly to power attack, EDF or Epic Past life Stances.

    While toggled off it does nothing, you spent a feat for hot-bar decoration.
    While toggled on you cannot strike-through and IF you should be able to strike-through for some reason, (2h weapon, 1+1/2 hand weapon, activated ability like Dance of Death, etc.) you add x% of your strike-through chance to your melee power. I'm thinking 50% but I'm just pulling that out of nowhere. Alternatively it could scale the amount of benefit similarly to how the benefits of PRR and MRR scale, allowing it to still be relevant at low levels where you only have 80% but not get too crazy once your scoffing at 200+%.

    I would put it in regular (aka heroic) feats, and I'm not sure if there should be any prerequisites.

    Using less than 100% of your strike-though should reduce your dps when fighting swarms of trash while giving you the ability to beat down bosses much faster.

    Edit: My main concerns are that it reducing or eliminating the need to chose weather a melee should focus on group dps or single target dps by allowing you to switch between might make character design choices less meaningful, or make strike-through weapons too good as all-rounders.
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    Strikethrough is in the THF Feats - Strikethrough you get from that only works when wielding a Two Handed Weapon or a B-Sword/D-Axe and I don't see why if you have all three THF Feats you'd need to take bosses down faster?

    It's also available to Druids through Natural Fighting Feats and it makes sense for Bears to be able to strikethrough, for Wolves not so much.

    As for Enhancements - Most of these are either Rogue Acrobat or Barb Enhancements - KotC gets some Strikethrough too.

    I was sure Kensai gave some Strikethrough too but not according to DDOWiki - If DDOWiki's outdated then fine but if DDOWiki's right then Kensai should get some Strikethrough too.

    Now of course Strikethrough is a THF feat but Dance of Death in Tempest gives Strikethrough with Two Weapons and if you want to wield Two Weapons Tempest is the Enhancement Tree made for you!

    Strikethrough is meant to boost THF not to boost TWF

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