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    Default Add Epic Destiny abilities to Character Sheet

    This was likely an oversight, but it would make sense to add the Epic Destiny abilities to the Character sheet to allow for a centralized place to consult them as well as populate the toolbars, just as there is a tab for normal enhancements.

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    It's not an oversight, it was a deliberate design choice to keep them separate so you could FIND things. If you have all of your destinies filled out you can have DOZENS of abilities, most of which are inactive. There is no conceivable way mashing them all together into one indistinguishable heap would be an IMPROVEMENT.

    This would be a nightmare. Heck, the only reason why your Enhancements appear in list form on the character panel is so there's a place to pull the active enhancements from. It's much clearer and easier to read them through the Enhancements panel.

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