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    Default Suggestions for new players using the Free Questing Coupon

    Here is a quick guide in the wiki although since you are getting so much content for free with the coupon - your purchase behavior will be different:

    Purchase Priorities
    If you make 1 5000 favor run on your main server and 7 100-favor runs on the other servers you will end up with 2,675 points which takes into account a bug with the 5000-favor reward.

    Things you can earn with favor - do not buy these
    • Artificer (House Cannith Favor - all characters on server)
    • Vistani Tree (Keepers of the Feather Favor - only for the earning character)
    • Inquisitive Tree (Sharn City Council Favor - only for the earning character)
    • Falconry Tree (Free Agents Favor - only for the earning character)
    • Harper Agent (The Harpers Favor - only for the earning character)
    • Drow (Total Favor - all characters on server)
    • Veteran Status I (Total Favor - all characters on server)
    • Favored Soul (Total Favor - all characters on server)
    • 32 Point Build (Total Favor - all characters on server)
    • +2 tome for one stat (Total Favor - only for the earning character)
    • Veteran Status II (Total Favor - all characters on server)
    • +5 tome for one stat (Total Favor - only for the earning character)

    This is 11,040 points worth of free product for your 5000 favor run. You can get tomes for different stats each life in DDO. The free agent falconry reward is the hardest and requires running a seldom-run pre-raid. Watch for opportunities to get that as that raid is often run over the level, but its also not critical to get it your first life. All the other awards are easy.

    Suggested First Purchases
    • Menace of the Underdark Expansion - 99 point coupon code coming soon
    • Shadowfell Conspiracy Expansion - 99 point coupon code coming soon
    • Epic Destinies - 995 points
    • Monster Manual I and II - 1190 points (you earn points from these so they pay for themselves)

    Even if you plan to run mostly heroic you still need 20 tokens each life which can only be accumulated in epic quests. Purchase epic destinies and don't let that xp go to waste. Beyond this be opportunistic and buy things on sale but keep in mind by August 31 you may want to buy the following expensive expansions:
    • Ravenloft: 2,495 points
    • Sharn: 2,495 points

    If you have some cash to spend and are trying to figure out what to spend cash on vs earning I would suggest buying expansions on sale. This will upgrade you from free to play to premium, but you can certainly earn these for free easily enough. Also the cash purchases come with some nice benefits on top of just owning the content.

    On subsequent lifes you earn 1,250 points for a 5000-favor run so to purchase these by August 31 you would need to complete a total of 5 lifes (preferably by reincarnating) earning 5000 favor each life. That is certainly not unreasonable between now and August 31 even for a casual player. After that you can earn roughly 1 race/class per life or some quality of life items (shared bank, additional storage, etc.) and you will quickly be at a point where you can buy new content with existing points easily as it comes out. Of course be opportunistic with quality of life, races, classes and iconics and only buy those on sale. In the past SSG had some deep discounts in late June and July - this might be a chance to get some races, classes and iconics for as much as 75% off. For new content just bite the bullet and pay full price as you may have to wait a long while for a sale. You have plenty of notice before new content comes out but I would always keep 1000 tp banked just in case. For epic destinies if they go on sale great - if not you might have to pay full price for those once you reach 20. Monster Manual III and IV give astral shard awards which will allow you to sell things on the astral shard auction house. If you want to sell things consider buyings these when on sale.

    Alts vs A Single Character
    Opinions vary on this but do not get fooled by listening to alt advocates. Alts are a trap. This game evolved into a single character progression game and unless you invest significant time into this game there just isn't enough time to focus on many characters. Once you have an accomplished character you can revisit the decision to make alts, but certainly don't take that approach as a beginner. As an experienced player you can make a few alts for raiding, but as a new player focus on your main character.

    Soloing vs Grouping
    Ideally you join this game with real life friends as I did. If this isn't possible its easy to find groups while leveling but if you want to group pick a server that is populated (not Wayfinder) and ideally go with the current default Server (currently Thelanis) where you will encounter more new players. On your first life you will need to group to run on elite - in general every group you join will have elite unlocked for you. It's also worth noting that when soloing your 100-favor runs it is not necessarily faster to run the same quest N/H/E. Another option is to run more quests on normal to learn a higher # of quests. The main advantage of running N/H/E is to get used to elite difficulty.

    I learned more about the game soloing so another option is to run the quests for a level range on normal and then group to complete the quests on elite/reaper. It can be hard to learn a quest when running with veterans that play fast, but after running it on normal it should be fine to join a group on elite/reaper - just beware in groups that traps will probably kill you while some veterans can just run through those without dying. An evasion character is not a bad choice for a first lifer for this reason. Sometimes groups don't disable traps.

    Grouping also has the advantage of meeting people that you can run with and finding a good fit for a guild.

    Reaper vs non-reaper questing
    Most groups post for R1 (reaper 1 skull). Reaper is also the absolute fastest way to build hit points and power, but especially hit points. Solo on normal or hard to start to learn a quest in an unforgiving mode, but group on Reaper 1 and don't worry if you are dying more than the rest of the group. Once you get 21 reaper points which comes fast you will build alot of hp and die less. Don't fear the reaper.

    PITA quests
    There are some places to get one shot, a few quests that can't be solo'd or solo'd easily and some quests that are really hard to learn. Consult with the wiki, watch you tube vidoes or ask your friends. Run those in groups and accept a longer learning curve for those.

    While you wait for sales on storage one quality of life issue will be running out of space. Here is an article on bags and where to get those: . You get some tiny bags for free in the harbor and twelve to start you off once you leave Korthos (see wiki link for locations). You can buy bigger bags (small/medium) in house J by level 5 or so which will be solid for quite some time. You will want the large bags as soon as you can possibly get those. These are often available for platinum on the auction house @ reasonable prices.

    The large ingredient and collectible bags should be a priority on your first life. SSG tries to force you into a corner on augment bags so you have to buy - by having crafting storage work sub-optimal compared to other things stored there and because no decent sized bags are available for free. I would just keep the rare filigree/augments you might use and sell/delete/give away the others. There is absolutely no good answer for augments if you don't buy a bag. Do not buy crafting storage to solve your augment/filigree problems as like filigree don't stack in crafting storage and it will ultimately result in a massive clean-up effort.

    Crafting and DDO Store Sales
    These 2 things are mostly unrelated but I put them together because you should always check the weekly sale page not only to find out what is on sale but to see if the free item is worth the inventory slot. One item definitely worth the slot is crafting experience elixirs which are given out for free once or twice per year. Once you have these and maybe 1000 essences you can start leveling up on crafting which is super easy with the latest changes to the crafting system. Here is a good guide:

    Each time you reincarnate visit the crafting hall and run the tutorial to get some free crafting success boosters. This will help as you get to higher crafting levels especially where failing on a recipe wastes alot of essences. You can also get smaller unlimited crafting success boosters with House Cannith favor, but don't pass the free boosters every life. Even without the boosters you can follow this guide it will just take more time as you will use more essences. As the guide states the best strategy is to accumulate essences, get your crafting xp elixir and accumulate as many crafting success boosters as you can before starting. The reason is that crafting xp elixirs only last for 30 minutes so can effectively level up to the max in session if you have enough materials, but if you get a stack of 5 elixirs as your free weekly item you can divide this into a few sessions instead. You can probably start leveling up without the crafting elixir and boosters as the essence cost at lower levels is very small and you gain levels very fast initially - so failing a few times is no big deal.

    If a long time passes and you don't see free crafting elixirs you can get 75% boosters from the crafting tutorial instead of success boosters, but to start I would take the success boosters because those are much harder to come by.

    Korthos Gear You Don't Want to Overlook
    Anger's Step (Sacrifices): Has 2 Expeditious Retreat Clickies to increase movement speed by 25%. I would run the quest 3 times to get 3 of these.
    Protective Gloves (Necromancer's Doom): Has Shield Clicky to protect from magic missles for 5 minutes. This is useful against reapers that use magic missle and critical for some quests such as swiped signet (level 2) and freshen the air (level 3). I would try to get 2-3 of these and run it 8 times to get as many as you can. You can also use shield scrolls but the UMD is tough at low levels for first lifers so get as many of these gloves as you can.
    Archivist's Necklace (Misery's Peak): If you are a class with spell points it's worth getting to refill. It's exclusive so you can only have one of these.

    Suggested Build for 100-Favor Runs and Grotto End Reward
    Build for 100-Favor Run
    Human Fighter: 14 Dex, 16 Con 14 Int 14 Char
    Skills: Jump, Haggle, Tumble
    Level 1 Feats: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Light Repeating Crossbow Proficiency
    Level 2 Feats: Rapid Shot

    The best low-level weapon in the game is a repeating crossbow. You can get a light repeating crossbow from the Grotto as an end reward. When you enter Grotto and Jeets offers a weapon take a Great Sword and smash all the barrels in the area to get as much copper as possible. You should also have a silver daily dice roll. Make that roll and use the XP token. This should give you 1 action point. Use the action point on human versatility skill boost. Drag the skill boost to your hotbar.

    After completing Grotto go to the harbor and follow the walkway until you pass the tall tower. You will see a guard and 2 refugees slouched over in front of the guard. When you are there use your skill boost. Talk to the guard and use the haggle option. You should have plenty of copper from smashing crates at the start of the grotto. Take an item with the highest plat value. Go back to Korthos and and locate Dax Boon General Vendor. Use your skill boost and talk to him and sell any items you can sell then buy 1000 or so bolts for your crossbow. This will get you enough bolts to start questing. Without doing this you won't have enough bolts for the crossbow. Keep in mind this is just a build for the 100 favor runs. I also suggest starting in Wayfinder as your first server and running Korthos solo on normal the first time and locate a group if possible for running on elite. If not you can run hard and then elite solo. Use Jevan Solidus hireling vendor buy the barbarian when soloing - he is useful in the quests. Dryad the cleric is useful for the Redemption quest. You probably won't find a group on Wayfinder but you likely will on other servers. If soloing don't worry if you fail cannith crystal on elite - it's a hard quest to solo on a first lifer on a new server. Running Cannith Crystal on hard and the rest of Korthos on elite + 3 harbor quests on elite will get you 100 favor. There are other ways to do it that might beg faster - but that is just an easy way to do it.
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    Just as a note Tokens of the Twelve can be earned in Devil Assault (which will be free) and can also be earned in the Cannith Challenges (which will also be be free?).


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    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    [*]Monster Manual I and II - 1190 points (you earn points from these so they pay for themselves)
    These do go on sale, making them more than pay for themselves. Rarely (once/year?), but it happens. No rush, keep an eye out, grab them after you have the other stuff you need.

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