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    Default Wand Crafting idea

    Currently in the game there are many ways to craft unbelivable items, but as it seems some wands even with the help of past life feats and enchantments cannot be used well, especially those that require spell resistance to be bypassed, here is an idea how to make wands more useful and how to make wands.

    Wand manufacturing:
    When a player has a caster level in a specific class, the player can craft an empty wand of that class. When the wand of that class is crafted, the player needs a scroll of the spell that's going to be used on the wand. The caster level of the wand Will be the player's caster level without epics + the spell penetration bonuses of the player. The UMD for the wand Will be [Caster Level of the crafter without epics]*4-[UMD of the crafter/2]+Caster level of scroll.
    The caster level just determines the maximum, but the crafter can use smaller levels as well to craft a weaker version.

    Caster level = 20
    spell pen = 12
    UMD of crafter(at the time of crafting with bonuses) = 80
    wand Will have:
    Caster level 32, UMD = 20*4=80-40+32 = 72 UMD.
    72 UMD for the wand to be used.

    Differences from not crafted wands:
    -Only the player's UMD determines wheter the wand can be used, the level only determines which spells can be cast from the wand, like if you are level 1 you cannot use a spell that would appear at level 3, but the umd could still be around 60. So if you take magic missiles and have 60 UMD you can cast it even it a level 1 if you could somehow have that many.
    -These wands can only be used once per quest.
    -The item is always bound to character.

    Wand crafting level and limitations:
    Wand crafting level just like cannith crafting should have a level. The level is global on the account.
    Each spell have their own level and the maximum caster level you can craft regardless of your caster level and spell penetration is dependant on these levels.
    These levels Will increase by how often you use the scroll of these spells. For level 1 you need to cast the scroll at least 60 casting of the scrolls. After 1st level is reached you need to cast always 20 more spells from the scrolls or wands to proceed further levels. The level limitation is 100 levels. That limitation is needed so scrolls like dimension door is rarer to be seen as a wand than fireball.

    At level 100: The wands can use metamagics of the player just like as if it was a spell. Still only 1 use.
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