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    Default Single character ABSOLUTELY stuck!

    My character, Andrasar on Thelanis, got stuck in the marketplace 2 hours ago. It seemed like a lagspike at first, but it's been hours now and nothing has fixed. I've tried everything, absolutely everything, available to me, but I cannot move, and I cannot submit a ticket ingame, so there's no other choice I can see.

    My character is locked down as if in a complete state of permanent disconnection but the game does not disconnect me as if my connection was lost. I cannot participate in ingame chat so I cannot ask other players for help. I cannot move, so I can't just leave the location or play the game. And, of course, I cannot use any abilities or spells (otherwise I imagine /stuck would help here).

    This is an INDIVIDUAL case because I tried logging into my other character, who is in Eveningstar, and he is perfectly functional.

    Update: Somehow I managed to slug myself to the bank. Still the game is a bit laggy and I know if I leave I'll get stuck again so I cannot play since I have no other way to escape to a zone that isn't lagged down.
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