I've tried using the 64-bit client several times but I always run into the same issue: there is a delay between anything I do and when my character does it. Not a huge one just a fraction of a second but its enough to make combat very difficult.

Press w, wait, see character walk forward, stop holding w, wait, see character stop. Click to attack, wait, watch kobold get 2 steps farther and swing behind him. Start turning left, wait, see character turn, stop turning, see character keep turning for just a little too long, walk off steps and have to go around again. Everything is like this even moving the cursor across the screen to interact with menus or my inventory.

I just finished trying everything I could think of trying (or that even looked mildly relevant) in both my game settings and system settings(again), I'm not an expert tho so I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me how to fix this.