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    Default The Child Prodigy: Three thematic reaper solo alchemist builds

    This one’s for Lara :-)

    The Firestarter!

    Bombastats? Max INT then CON, level ups in INT.

    Bombafeats? Quicken, Maximize, Empower, Accelerate, Spell Focus: Conjuration, Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration, Mental Toughness, Greater Mental Toughness, Liquid Luck, Alchemical Studies – Pyrite, Wellspring of Power, Intensify Spell, Mass Frog

    Bombaskills? Spellcraft, Heal, UMD, Search, Jump

    Bombaspells? Stiffen Skin, Elemental Skin, Augment Armor, Goldskin Potion, Greater Evolution, Feathers Extract, Melt Lock, Displacement Draught, Bottled Boost: Sprint, Turn to Frog, Smoke Bomb, Multivial of Flame, Cindersmoke, Elemental Combination

    Bombabindings? Q = Multivial, E = Multivial SLA, R = Fiery Obliteration SLA, F = Cindersmoke, T = Elemental Combination, G = Energy Burst --- Side-button on mouse keyed to swap between Hotbars. Quick access to Bottled Boost: Sprint + Smoke Bomb is a life saver.


    Bomba Destiny?

    Bomba Twists?

    Conjuration Familiarity
    Empyrean Magic
    Conjuration Specialist
    Endless Faith

    Bomba Gear?

    Head: Legendary Arcsteel Brim, Google: Legendary Dusk Lenses, Lil’ Sexy Body: Legendary Order’s Garb (+Master’s Gift), Wrists: Legendary Aetherband (+Topaz of Blindness Immunity), Ring 1: Legendary Ring of Nightfall, Lil’ Stinky Feet: Legendary Clockwork Boots (from Lost Gatekeepers pack), Hands: Legendary Sunstone Gauntlets, Ring 2: Legendary Shattered Onyx (+Sapphire of Luck +2), Waist: Legendary Bronze Dragonscale Belt, Cloak: Legendary Cloak of the City’s Champion, Trinket: Epic Litany of the Dead (+Globe of True Imperial Blood, +Draconic Soul Gem), Neck: The Zarash’ak Ward (+Topaz of Fear Immunity, +Topaz of Greater Conjuration, +Diamond of Festive Intelligence +2), Main Hand: Legendary Wild Flame (+Wreath of Flame filigree set, +Meridian Fragment), Off Hand: The Legendary Mistfallen

    Solo Reclaiming the Rift R1 at lvl 23 with 1 death because Smoke Bomb ran out before I finished shrining (note to self: Extend works on the invisibility effect!)

    For end game and min-max, see mauriciomaster's forum post, which also contains a detailed leveling plan.


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    The Vile Belcher! A 1% build
    • This is a melee Alchemist. It is slow, challenging and fun.
    • The melee is a mop: it cleans up and preserves spell points.
    • Any race is fine. I prefer Gnome because I like to be short, and I don't have any racial AP.
    • Stats and skills are the same as the Bombardier above.

    Poisinem, The Lil' Shady: Spit words and drop bombs
    • Solo 1-shot everything with multivial on Heroic R1.
    • Poisoned Coating is your primary melee damage source on Epic difficulty.
    • Don't take maximize, empower, intensify for Wave of Poison.
    • As of May 2020, Master of Poisons makes almost no difference to your poison attacks.
    • Don't take Improved Critical because most end-game weapons have Impact or Keen.
    • Use Epic Defensive Fighting at level 21.
    • Make sure to have a good Intimidate score. People will want you to tank.
    • Unfortunately, there is no good Epic Destiny for this build that gives both negative spell damage, int stats, hp and spell DCs. I run in Unyelding Sentinel, and if I had the racial AP, I would be a Dwarf with Throw your Weight Around.
    • Keep an eye on Slarden's forum post about Alchemist and Transmutation DCs. He updated it with some valuable insights about gear in #19.

    Level 1:
    • Feat: Single Weapon Fighting (remember to take enough ranks in Balance), Human Bonus Feat: Completionist
    • Level 1 Spells: Flash Powder, Feathers Extract
    • Important items: Keep on the Borderlands gear with Mythic +3/+4
    • Harper Agent Enhancements: Agent of Good 1/1, Harper Enhancement 1/1, Traveler's Toughness 1/3

    Level 2:
    • Level 1 Spell: Elemental Skin
    • Important items: The new Catacombs gear, quest rewards from Sharn Syndicate
    • Harper Agent Enhancements: Traveler's Toughness 2/3, Know the Angles 3/3

    Level 3:
    • Feat: Spell Focus Transmutation
    • Level 2 Spell: Greater Venom Vial
    • Important items: The Lost Gatekeepers gear
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Determination 1/1, Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds 3/3 (change to negative if zombie)

    Level 4:
    • Bonus Feat: Battalion Brew
    • Level 2 Spell: Augment Armor
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Poisoner 1/1, Deadly Poison 1/1, Alchemical Accuracy 1/3

    Level 5:
    • Important items: Chronoscope gear, Voice of the Master
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Alchemical Accuracy 2/3, Deadly Poison II 1/1, Poisoned Coating 1/1

    Level 6:
    • Feat: Knight's Training or Swords to Plowshares
    • Level 3 Spell: Displacement Draught
    • Important items: Other Tales items from The Twelve, new items from Delera's Grave Yard
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Stone of the Subliminal 1/1, Deadly Poison III 1/1

    Level 7:
    • Level 1 Spell: Stiffen Skin
    • Level 3 Spell: Quicksilver Potion
    • Important items: Red Fens gear
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Hidden Blades 1/1, Intelligence 1/1, Venom Affinity 1/3

    Level 8:
    • Bonus Feat: Quicken
    • Level 2 Spell: Bottled Boost: Spell
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Wave of Poison 3/3, Venom Affinity 2/3

    Level 9:
    • Feat: Improved Single Weapon Fighting
    • Level 3 Spell: Greater Liquid Courage
    • Level 4 Spell: Bottled Boost: Sprint
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Deadly Poison IV 1/1, Intelligence 1/1

    Level 10:
    • Level 4 Spell: Bottled Boost: Power
    • Important items: Raven Loft set items
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Venom Affinity II 3/3, Venom Affinity 3/3

    Level 11:
    • Level 1 Spell: Gills Extract
    • Level 2 Spell: Restorative Draught
    • Level 4 Spell: Smoke Bomb
    • Important items: Green Steel items
    • Banking enhancements for next level

    Level 12:
    • Bonus Feat: Liquid Luck, Flavor feat
    • Level 5 Spell: Multivial of Poison
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: More Hidden Blades 1/1, Alchemical Accuracy 3/3, Fatal Poison 1/1, Greater Wave of Poison 1/1, Chemical Weapons 1/1, Contaminated Strikes 1/1

    Level 13:
    • Level 3 Spell: Melt Lock
    • Level 5 Spell: Greater Evolution
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Spell Critical Chance Positive I 1/1, Spell Critical Chance Positive II 1/1

    Level 14:
    • Level 2 Spell: Salt Crystals
    • Level 4 Spell: Hypnotic Combination
    • Level 5 Spell: Bottled Boost: Haste
    • Important items: Phosphor with Ghostbane ruby, Disciples of Rage gear
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Alchemical Shield 1/1, Hale & Hearty 2/3, Curative Admixture Cure Serious (change to negative of zombie)

    Level 15:
    • Feat: Greater Single Weapon Fighting
    • Level 6 Spell: Greater Heartseeker Poison Imbue
    • Important items: Masterminds of Sharn set items
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Spell Critical Chance Positive III 1/1, Intelligence 1/1

    Level 16:
    • Bonus Feat: Heighten
    • Level 3 Spell: Flash Freeze
    • Level 5 Spell: Poison Breath
    • Level 6 Spell: Goldskin Potion
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Hale & Hearty 3/3, Safety Goggles 3/3

    Level 17:
    • Level 5 Spell: Turn to Frog
    • Level 6 Spell: Curative Admixture: Heal (negative if zombie)
    • Important items: Soul Splitter gear
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Intelligence 1/1, Spell Critical Chance: Positive IV 1/1

    Level 18:
    • Feat: Flavor feat (Improved Critical if you want Overwhelming Critical, otherwise Past Life: Arcane Initiate unless you can take Completionist)
    • Level 6 Spell: Dust of Confusion
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Brushed Aside 1/1, Poisoned Strike 3/3

    Level 19:
    • Apothecary Enhancements: Insulated Boots 3/3, Spill the Bad Stuff 1/1

    Level 20:
    • Bonus Feat: Flavor feat
    • Level 6 Spell: Elemental Combination
    • Vile Chemist Enhancements: Venom's Grip, Run for Your Life, Curative Admixture: Heal

    Level 21:
    • Feat: Flavor feat (Arcane Insight)
    • Important items: Epic Borderlands gear, Drow Weaponmaster weapon

    Level 24:
    • Feat: Embolden Spell

    Level 26:
    • Feat: Perfect Single Weapon Fighting (also maxes out hp bonus from Epic Defensive Fighting)

    Level 27:
    • Feat: Flavor feat

    Level 28:
    • Feat: Mass Frog
    • Important items: Raid gear from Strahd, Baba, Killing Time and Abbot (e.g. Brilliant Crescent, Gauntlets of the Stormreaver and Epic Litany of the Dead)

    Level 29:
    • Feat: Flavor feat (Dire Charge)

    Level 30:
    • Feat: Flavor feat, Scion of... well, what's your play style? :-)

    R1 solo House of Death Undone at lvl 22 with almost 2300hp

    Epic Destiny:
    From level 20-29: Unyielding Sentinel
    • Enhancements: Divine Energy Resistance 3/3, Brace for Impact 2/2, Constitution I 1/1, II 1/1, III 1/1, IV 1/1, Spark of Life 1/1, Constitution V 1/1, Strength of Vitality 3/3, Constitution VI 1/1

    Twists of Fate:
    From level 20-29:
    - Stormrage / Divine Hymn / Sense Weakness (works vs. frozen and earth grabbed mobs)
    - Summer Smoke / Arcane Hymn (can only have one hymn at a time)
    - Reign / Transmutation Specialist
    - Endless Faith

    At level 30 you need to farm gear that gets your Transmutation DCs to 100+. Try to get your Wisdom as high as possible for Mass Frog. If it's possible find a way to boost your stun DCs too. With Know the Angles you already have 20+ insight bonus to stun. Depending on which feats you took, your rotation would probably be something like Dire Charge -> Multivial of Poison (for poison immune mobs throw your Poison Waves first) -> Flash Powder. Turn to Frog is for precision targeting, e.g. it is super efficient vs. champ Forgewraiths. Mass Frog is a panic button. On high reaper levels of 6 an beyond, expect to do a lot of healing, stunning and frogging. To pull this off you need to speculate in how to optimize DCs on stuns (spells and/or abilities) through gear and filigrees. Once you have everything in place, LR to max out INT and WIS and put the rest in CON, just to get those extra DCs for Mass Frog.

    Breathe with me!

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    Default race?

    Yo warluss! ;D

    gnome is better then dragoborn? I mean about dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizah View Post
    Yo warluss! ;D

    gnome is better then dragoborn? I mean about dps.
    No idea.

    But the distance to the ceiling is shorter :-)

    And if you have the racial AP for it, I guess.

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    Hello, sorry noob question what is Master of poisons?

    oh and I'm confused about maximize, empower, intensify are those bad or just bad for Wave of Poison?

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lymphy12 View Post
    Hello, sorry noob question what is Master of poisons?

    oh and I'm confused about maximize, empower, intensify are those bad or just bad for Wave of Poison?

    Thank you.
    Master of Poisons is an Epic Feat you can choose at level 24.

    Maximize, Empower, Intesify are good for Multivial of Poison and similar damage spells.

    For end game, you could free up the 3 feats and choose something that would either make you more tanky or heighten your spell DCs so that you can instantly kill a target instead, e.g. by using Turn to Frog.

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