Joy & Fame to you!

We are the new Orien Guild: Returning Angels
And we are recruiting.

Could we (ca 200 players 2020-04-28) interest you in joining our new guild for new and returning players?
We are a stepping stone guild - helping each other to get back into D&DO, that means enjoy the game and the quests together.

Most of our members are new or returning players who came to D&DO now during april and most are lev 4-16, with some now going into epic gameplay.

We have done some (low level) raids, but that is not our main focus right now.

We have a big ship & buffs (GL 31).
A guild Discord exist, mostly for voice chat. (BTW: I am still looking for 3 more players to run a d&d5 pen and paper game over discord with guildies.)

All members are officers during the time of free questing (april - may). That means you can ask any Returning Angel member online for an invite.

Contact in game to the GL: Kalek / Nystul / Laotze or Adelberd