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    Default 17favored soul/2rogue/1 iconic class past life guide

    This guide is for those that want a build that can scale really well into epic content and get any iconic past life feat with relative ease, while also being a great option for playing like a support in reaper level content.

    It does however require a dexterity tomb of the highest type you can find. But bare minimum a +3 (rather +5) Dexterity tome. (Add to 21 for the feat Improved precise shot)

    Leveling order: 1 conic, then 2 rogue, then rest into favored soul.

    base stats: 36 point build
    str: 8
    dex: 15 (put more points into if you dont have a tome)
    con: 15
    Wis: 15
    Int: 14 (need for trap skills, 8 if you dont think you can)
    CHA: 8

    Inquisitive falconer:
    41 points in inquisitive for capstone
    31 points in flaconer for the lvl 18 requirement
    the last 8 points really dont matter, you can place them in the mechanic tree for increased trap skills or sneak attach range increase.

    The increased helpelss damage from falconer makes things really easy when paired with shiradi. Once you make anything helpless, get it lined up helpless with 1 more mob, then just huse hunters end and shoot later will just 1 shot most mobs

    If you plan on running reaper content and dont have many fate points, bite the bullet and just twist in meld into darkness (T3 shadow dancer)

    If you have ample fate points: T4 sense weakness for increased helpless damage, T3 meld into darkness, T1 Rejuvination cacoon (in spell point management is an issue), T1 a dance of flowers)+1 base weapon die), T1 purification (divine crusader)

    Feats are pretty obvious so I wont include them. Simply put: ranged stuff.

    Also, at level 26 try to get a duster from legendary shroud, as it will multiplicatively increase your damage output on all mobs

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    Thanks for posting, I'm going to try this out with a few changes to stats on my next iconic life

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