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    Default Meta-magic feats

    So among their choices for bonus feats, Alchemist can supposedly pick any of:

    • Accelerate Spell
    • Empower Healing Spell
    • Empower Spell
    • Enlarge Spell
    • Eschew Materials
    • Extend Spell
    • Heighten Spell
    • Maximize Spell
    • Quicken Spell

    Which Alchemist spells accept Enlarge as a meta-magic?

    If the answer is "none", then why is Enlarge a class bonus feat choice? (Yes, I'm aware you could use Enlarge on multiclass, or racial or enhancement or ED abilities. But you can also just take Enlarge in one of your many "generic" feat slots.)
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    There is no Alchemist spell for which Enlarge works. I think they have it listed simply because they checked every Meta Magic box when doing the list. It's been brought up to them to take it off before as it could lead to confusion for newer players. Technically, though, an Alchemist can take Arcane Pulse or use EA's Sound Burst, both of which can use Enlarge. That is not to say that a single Epic spell and an SLA that doesn't match Alchemist stat or DCs justifies the feat, but it at least isn't a zero factor. My vote, though, is to drop it from Alchemist's list.
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    According to the wiki, the tier one bombardier vial throwing SLA can use Enlarge, though I don't know what an enlarged single-target spell even means (I have never actually used enlarge so I am not familiar with it).

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    Enlarge = double range, normal offensive spell is about 30 feet. Rays come with free double range, and enlarge is the other way to double your range. Vials seem to have double range free, like rays.

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