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    Default need some build help

    Hi everyone! I've been away form the game several years and am very far behind in terms of catching up with all the updates, nerfs, etc. I know I have only a couple toons that I realistically have time to TR and redo from scratch right now, and am looking for some build suggestions for the few level 30 alts I have to see what can be done with a lesser TR to make them viable in raids and such in endgame these days. I have no illusions that I am going to start off soloing legendary stuff on high reaper difficulties, but would like to see if there is a way to make these toons passable enough to come along in a raid or two, solo some basic content on Elite or R1, and run some quests in a party while contributing meaningfully. Since its been so long, I have essentially no up to date gear but figure ill find a way to farm most of what I need.

    One of these toons is a level 30 Sun Elf Pure Bard. He is not completionist. I have most or all of the enhancement trees, including the premium ones. Can someone suggest a build I can use with a lesser TR to make him as good as possible?
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    You have a few options for pure bard.

    Melee DPS with Stunning CC.

    Melee DPS with Enchantment CC.

    100% support, great CC. This one most likely wont be soloing legendary R1.

    Best melee DPS but no CC. Also possible to do this as a dagger thrower. Pretty strong with the new thrown weapons feats.

    Good mix of melee DPS and stunning CC.

    Strong on any class and very flexible regarding secondary Enhancement tree.

    If you want to solo legendary R1 on a toon that doesn't have a lot of past lives/bells/whistles/etc., you either need to have CC or be ranged. I'd pick a playstyle that you are most comfortable with and build in that direction.
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    Default thanks

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