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    Default Lootmageddon Alternative

    Okay, so, the last 3 times ya'll increased the level cap you created Lootmageddon and basically invalidated all the gear that existed in the game up to that point, with the most recent change (28-30) being BY FAR the worst one. We have only JUST reached the point where there's a decent variety of endgame gear again (and some of the Legendary gear in the game is not on the same scale and ALREADY needs updating)

    PLEASE don't do this again. I am BEGGING you.

    Instead of cranking all the loot numbers up YET AGAIN, please consider creating an "enchant" or similar system that lets you take various pieces of gear and add minor bonuses to them much like Reaper/Mythic bonuses, or that lets you create freeform sets, perhaps by using specialized item augments to use all those augment slots. Basically: customization = yes, all numbers +3 = no.


    Like, seriously, hire a contractor, give them the list of existing named items in the game, show them the scaling system you use with Heroic Borderlands at one end and Legendary Sharn at the other and just have them adjust named items to fit on that scale. Heck, hire ME, I'll do it, and I'll friggin make a video of me dancing around a giant bonfire made of my 10 years of accumulated scrolls, seals, and shards :P I'm available, I can do math, and if I can edit the wiki I can do enough scripting to edit a dang loot database. Heck, at a former job I taught myself Access and designed a database and reporting system from scratch so we could report our production to for-profit partners without it making us look like we just discovered computers two weeks ago. And everyone already knows I'm crazy so if I decide to make the Ruby Encrusted Gauntlets the best item in the game no one will freak out.

    /rant over
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    I'd say - create scaling items. ML 1, scaling up to 29, or whatever new max level loot will be (super legendary? The Legendariest items? True Legendary? Echo of Artifact?). Throw current legendary loot (so R-loft, Sharn, recent adventure packs) into this system. Make items dropped in heroic scale up to 20. Make items dropped in epic scale up to 29, but let us equip them at level 1. Slowly add in named items from older packs like VoN, Sands etc. into the system.

    If you're afraid people won't buy expansion since their "old" items are as good - make sure new ones are actually interesting, and are granting cool effects you can't get elswhere. Not +1 str over items in last expansion.

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    hire her!
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    Yeah I really dislike their philosophy of "raise the cap and wipe all your previous work"...its cheap, its uncreative, and it creates a calculation where players are actively discouraged from investing in their characters because their investments are temporary. Same goes for raising the actual level cap and making old quests obsolete or at least more trivialized.

    The game needs to expand horizontally. I'd love to see new progression systems - Sentient weapons were a great example, but they cheapened them way too much by adding in farmable SXP and back-loading filigree set effects too much, then throwing Artifacts at us for even more slots.

    Lets have perma-hires you can reincarnate and grow over time and customize. Lets have a hamster wheel where you can lower the ML on an item, level by level, so you can use them to twink your TRs or alts. Lets have a Pokemon system where you can unlock rare new crafting recipes by experimenting with combining different items you collect. Lets have a non-combat progression system, maybe like cosmetics crafting. Lets at least have sentient shields (with their own sets of defensive filigrees) so that S&B is a little more desirable.

    There are so many great ideas you could implement that would give players more goals and more gamplay, without simply cranking up the numbers and calling that progress.
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