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    Default What's average time for response on your tickets via helpstandingstones

    I've been in an annoying situation with SSG, and I can't n find anyway to get response, it's been 12 days since my first ticket, and they just close and merge any others I try to make, so obviously they are aware of my original ticket but just ignoring?
    I get it, I'm just another ranter on forums about SSG customer service but really come on.
    VIP, paying for years, and putting money isn't enough?
    Its mainly being ignored is what tickets me off, like at least any kind of response would be helpful.
    What's it take to get their attention?

    Although Its highly unlikely, if for any reason a CS sees this I have these tickets in reference.

    The situation as far as I know involves an payment issue on card in the account, and they since locked the account, can't access it.
    Its been since August 2016 since. I've tried so many fights and tickets just trying to get somewhere constantly giving up.
    So yes I've moved on and made a new account, but honestly it's so hard starting all over when you spend so much money and time on an account just be locked out without any info.
    Its one of the best things about DDO TRing and constantly making your characters better. So I miss my old account and annoyed can't access it.
    This is my last time fighting for it, obviously I've spend years giving up over and over.
    Not that it matters, but I think im done after this, I ll wait another week or so, but I'm quiting after if I get no response.
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    25 days and still counting. This is an record when it comes to games Customer service Lol.

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