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    Default Divine Crusade: Heavenly Presence Petrification Immunity FAIL

    So, Cygl'ghax the Shadow Beholder in Through a Mirror Darkly SOMEHOW turned me to stone DESPITE the fact that I took Heavenly Presence in DC JUST for the flipping Petrification IMMUNITY.....

    IMMUNITY RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!


    I equipped my PLIS because of the Disintegration spam but as soon as the PLIS was depleted (didn't take long) I was turned to stone DESPITE HAVING GD IMMUNITY TO PETRIFICATION

    I am often cynical and say mean things. It's a WAI "Feature". Mokune (Guild Leader of Pandora's Box on Khyber), Iquitz, Returning, Thaumat, Ketzerisch, Xhiron, Koanoak et al...

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    If I had to make an educated guess, their antimagic strips the buff off, or some other brand of stance-changing that strips buffs also removes that part.

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