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    Default Please check this

    Majority of the players wish to play with characters who have skills, talents, physical and mental prowess and technical equipment. This is just the opposite of buffed magical items or a virtual ship or anything else giving power to the character. Everyone and their kin knows the buffs and items.

    (Getting buffs and items is child's cake with a raid team or simply buy buying. Anyone who is trying to show these as if pro gamer experience is a jack@ss) And we long time players keep telling them to the newcomers.

    That is not the main issue.

    Please check these natural class abilities;

    If rogue2 is picked for solid starting skill pool and multiplier at the start , for extra reflex save, evasion aswell ( later more saves support required for evasion and dodge ) /barb1-6 for some speed and extra heal amp/hp/crit threat and fighter 2-6 for the feats and Kensei crit mult/Stalward stance for defense and Human for healing amplification/Expeditious retreat House Orien mark for run speed(not stacking) Ddoor/skill/Teleport is on the table and players who do not enjoy casters and specialist classes much allmost allways pick this template. (Ranger for Two weapon fighting and free Ranged skills, evasion, die hard)

    These come and add top of eachother as the gamer keeps levelling up. So it is not ready given at all. Requires playing the game.

    Should not be this a true example for future design ?

    Not everone wishes to play as a Sorcerer, Swash Bard, Artificer, Animist Druid, Warlock, Inquisitive, Favored soul, Monk (etc) high on ship and temp buff and similar steroid junky aberration style.

    (Even though I have had caster builds back in time; more of those passive and exclusive specialites for physical classes should exist without any casting or caster clicky item requirement. Casters and spells and clickies turn out even more disattractive about the game as they get more and more attention)

    Base class abilites still do matter.
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    The one and sole genuine reason to have a "complete runspeed overhaul"
    Which is invaluable and this game takes away plenty of it.
    If i had to start a new toon, i'd get bored after the 3rd quest in Korthos.
    The above is what legit happened after i introduced the game to a friend
    for the 2nd time in 6 years, since the game is on full f2p right now, which was what mainly brought him on.
    I even got him the Anger boots twice and not even that was enough to motivate
    him to keep playing. "Screw this slow boring game" he said.

    Many game developers have standardized fast gameplay and that is one
    of the first things of a game that will affect the player's decision to stay or not, especially young folks.
    If SSG is not going to adapt to current trends (not just fast gameplay), that's just nailing the coffin. (Not that they already don't)

    There is just no time for flowersnifing.
    You old folks who like the slow gameplay, just get your own club going for this purpose.
    It's not like grouping is getting fixed anytime soon anyways.
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    my usual suggestion on the matter:

    base run speed on par with striding 30, and deletion of striding property from gear\pl. keep +2% bonus for haste\blinding speed and keep the class features\boosts as they are.

    what would change for us long time players? absolutely nothing.
    what would change for new players? more of them will keep playing cause it's a slow boring slog as it is. claiming that farm clickies is fixing the problem is imho ridicolous. a new player will not accept\understand that just to walk around. it's even more ridicolous claiming that you have to work for it because we are talking about freaking just walking not soloing r10. you can tell them to get\farm a Mount, sure, but not walk speed.
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    Yea see, good thing SSG was STUPID enough to give away the Quiver of Alacrity during an Anniversary event couple years ago.
    And those who were smart (not STUPID) got plenty for all their toons
    I would NEVER start over again without my 30% runspeed

    So sorry for new players and those who missed that Anniversary.

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    yeah i hope we can get the dev's attention for this .I think we brought up some good points the starting run speed is too slow and makes playing new characters a pain and not fun . even if its just in town areas

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