Dear all,

Lately we are experiencing a lot of lag...
One thing that seems to help is to enter to the second instance of common areas.
Is it possible for the devs to set up a slightly better algorithm for characters to enter on different instances?

Lately, I died a few times because of lag and yes it is frustrating. I'm guessing that the server can't detect that a player is experiencing lag. But probably the client can (client requests, doesn't get response under a time, client freezes - detects lag).
When lag is detected a few times (devs set some reasonable rules) by the client, a special command is given from the client to protect the character. Clearly, this command will lag so you might still die in the process but only to be returned safely back to life out of the dungeon. BTW, this is relative only for the hard core server and practically works as a release if death occured from lag.