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    Unhappy Problem with Favor DDO Points

    Posting here to know if anyone had the same problem and hoping to find a solution.

    I started played this game I think 10 years ago and after some time stopped playing. I remember that I had accumulated some DDO points in the store because I was planning to buy the warforged race. Some time ago I deciced to install the game again and noticed all the points had vanished and I was with 0 points again. No problem I can deal with that and I was not planning to play the game immediately.

    The problem is that today I was looking in how to get the free DDO points and the way is by gaining Favor. My first character from when I started playing is not deleted and he has more than 400 Favor which equals to 200 points, but as you can see in the images below the only points I have is from low level characters I made in each server and got 6 Favor.

    So not only I lost all the points I got from years ago, but I also have a character that should get me 200 extra points.

    Did anyone else had the same problem?

    Points history

    Character Favor

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    If I'm reading you correctly:
    Only the first character on a server gets a healthy dose of DPs on it's initial favor climb. After that, each character only gets 25 points when you get to 100 favor.

    As for the lost old DPs, if you're sure you're on the same old account (which seems so if you have your old character), then take the time to fill out a CS ticket and they can look back to see what you should have and fix it.
    (CS Support ticket through the web site, not an in-game ticket.)
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