Yesterday, I did both an Epic Reincarnation and Heroic True Reincarnation. after I chose my new class (artificer) and got to spells, I only had a choice of 4 spells. These were the 4 spells that I did not take in my previous life as an artificer. I submitted an in game ticket about this last night and I did not get any sort of acknowledgement that the ticket was submitted and now the help option looks like a broken blank screen. Is there anything I can do to unbreak my character, I really wanted to choose the rare spells at 1st as it was part of my plan, but because I chose them last life and the game bugged on me am I out of luck? I understand that I can just go look for everything on the AH, but I do not want to be beholden to someone price gouging on the auction house because they know whatever spell is rare.

Thanks in advance,

Khorde Lightbringer