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    Default Can you play a "Single Weapon" long sword Paly?

    since Ive been a single weapon ("Soulrazor") fighter was wondering if its possible as a pure paly? Or should I go to great sword "Blackrazor" or long sword and shield? Id prefer to be more DPS over defense.

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    You can.
    Depends what you want to do with it.
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    Yes, in fact you get knight's training from your KOTC line in tier 4. SWF with an orb is a perfectly decent way to go.
    Nightforge avenger blade -> Oathblade -> Fellblade -> Soulrazor is a good progression for longswords. The 1st 3 have an enhanced crit profile too.

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    It is certainly possible

    Possible Feats
    Single Weapon Fighting
    Improved Single Weapon Fighting
    Greater Single Weapon Fighting
    Knights Training
    Improved Critical Slashing
    Precision or Power Attack

    I think the challenge of the build will be in making sure you have a base+inherit balance skill of 2/4/7 which is needed for the Single Weapon Fighting feats.

    I say that because the Paladin is already highly dependent on Strength, Constitution and Charisma. Here you will be making sure you have the skill points. Possibly Dexterity if going a lighter Armor where dodge is not as limited.

    I would highly recommend grabbing a character planner to work it out completely.

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    SWF Paladin is fun and super easy to build, just got done an epic life with one. KotC gets Knight's Training so don't need that feat.

    1: Single Weapon Fightering
    3: Precision
    6: Imp SWF
    9: Imp Crit Slashing
    12: Greater SWF
    15: Whatever you want
    18: Whatever you want

    21: Overwhelming Crit
    24: Whatever you want
    26: Perfect SWF
    27: Whatever you want
    28: Perfect TWF
    29: Dire Charge
    30: Aboral + Whatever you want

    Useful Feats include:
    Force of Personality
    Blinding Speed
    Emp Healing

    Someone can probably think of a few more but you got plenty of slots to take them.

    Most points in KoTC with ~30 or so in Sacred Defender for the defense bonus's, HP and run speed.

    Starting stats depends on if your doing PDK Charisma or not, assuming not.

    Strength 18
    Dexterity 10 (+3 tome will get you 13 by level 3)
    Constitution 14
    Intelligence: 10
    Wisdom: 8
    Charisma 16

    Useful skills include:

    Based on tomes you can get a few of those to cap, Balance should be upgraded every level until it's 7 then you can leave it alone. UMD isn't important in the lower levels as your not gonna have enough to do anything useful, should start heavy investment at 15. Intimidate is useful if you want to force a pack of mobs to gather around you instead of chasing the Inquisitive around.
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    Default THF is better

    THF is better DPS, its also (amusingly) more survivable than a dps sword and board (unless using dwaxe or b-sword). This is because you have good access to stuns and trips with Strikethrough so if your party is without CC you can still manage okay between stunning blow, trip and Dire Charge.

    2/3 of those options grant helpless damage, so while you're at it hop into fury of the wild for some Adrenaline and sense weakness.
    If you take the enhancement for it Adrenaline grants its own make helpless ability (its a knockdown but they're helpless and take helpless damage).
    The only downside is you can't use the Sacred defender stance (still take the extra LoH). But that's all good because you can spec into Falconry for No Mercy for twenty% more helpless damage 5% hp and a sprint boost. Voila you're now a barbarian with no downsides enjoy being the best dps in your party.

    With this set up on a sub optimal Aasimar Pally I have been pretty comfortably able to solo some r6-7 content.
    In a party on r10 I'm always the lead DPS.
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