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    Default Bank Bugs in Update 45

    Ok, looks like the terrible problems with shared account bank filtering might be at least partially solved in patch 3, however, the fixes seem to have caused other problems...

    I'm now seeing an issue with the shared account bank where it is not showing the minimum level on items, and also not showing the 'unusable based on level' overlay on the items, I remove the item from the bank and it gets the minimum level and the appropriate overlay, put it back into the shared bank and it still shows the minimum level and overlay.
    Looks like one or more fields are not populated in the initial load of the shared acount bank.

    Trying to use cannith crafting today and finding that none of the recipes are retrieving materials from the crafting storage bank - I tried both bound and unbound crafting stations and multiple recipes including just the minimum level shards and none of the recipes retrieved anything from the bank.
    I'd suggest you add cannith crafting stations to your test scripts for shared bank testing.

    Thanks for trying to fix the shared bank, but it looks like you might have caused some other issues in the process.

    Not game breakers, but it certainly looks like the whole shared bank filtering project has caused problem after problem. Need to go back and re-examine the interactions between the account banks and crafting stations.

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    The crafting thing just happens sometimes, have to quit and reload the game to get it working again. Not sure what causes it, although logging in and out of different characters on the same account seems to be the primary cause. It's not related to the new shared bank sorting.

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