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    Default Any old starter pack or Menace or Shadowfell codes still kicking around?

    A long time ago, a lot of these went on sale---for like 1.67 in the case of the starter pack. So my question is, are any of these old codes still kicking around on Orien, and, if so, what sorts of things would people be willing to trade one for? I've been thinking of upgrading my son's FTP account.

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    The Starter Pack goes on sale every now and then - even at only 50% off that's one of the cheapest ways to upgrade to Premium, $5.

    Another cheap way is to buy the smallest pack of Astral Shards when they are on sale, which iirc is another purchase of around $5. That also gets your son onto the ASE, to make more AS there. (They are not usually in the Market, but are put there rarely for special sales.)

    However, imo, the "best" way to upgrade to Premium is to buy the Menace of the Underdark (and/or Shadowfell Conspiracy) when they are on sale. Those can* cost a bit more, but the value of what you get is so much more.

    Full breakdown of those diff expansion packs here.

    (* It would require a 75% off Sale for the lesser version of MotU to hit $5 - and you really want the better version. MotU gets you into Epic play, SC gets you Iconics. Plus plus plus.)

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