Hi all,

What you think about the following recipes?

New recipes suggestions:
1) alter the material (silver, adamantine, cold iron, darkwood, etc) of the item (Stone of change recipe), works only on attuned blanks. I won't suggest costs, that is for the devs to decide.
2) add an appropriate augment slot (Stone of change recipe), could work on any craftable attuned item. This empowers a bit random generated items too ????. Could be incremental. For example you want a green slot, make a colorless first then a upgrade to yellow or blue then make a green. Etc...
3) Name a crafted item (cannith crafting high level recipe), requires a fully crafted item+ attuned and an added alchemical recipe. Item cant be disjuncted anymore or modified with the exception of the next suggestion. Player chooses the name of course :-)
4) add a sentient Jewel slot (cannith crafting very high level recipe), requires named cannith crafting ML 20+ weapon

5) finally, while I won't give concrete suggestions I would like to see a few alchemical recipes to be added so that we can add something on all item types. We have, +1 saves, +1 armor/shield AC, +1 damage, +1d4 crit damage. Maybe add +1 skills on clothing? Could be limited on ability related vs item type. Hats give int skills, belts give str skills, gloves give Dex skills, cloak gives cha skills, boots give con skills. I miss Wis skills...