I find myself with far to much stuff on an account I can't will myself to pay for anymore. Going to stay downgraded to premium for a bit just to see if I even want to stay with the game. That said, I need to offload some stuff from characters in the hopes of getting some shards, points, and plat for the off chance I decide to play again.

Going from 3 accounts with far to many characters to one free to play account makes me have to downsize. That said I hope people are looking for bulk price deals on my stuff.

Things to offload:
  • Mana potions (several hundred of all different sizes)
  • Festival cookies and cakes
  • Raid timers (heroic)
  • Old planar girds (unbound most have some damage)
  • Bags (gem, ingredients, and collectibles, some still loaded because why not)
  • Heroic Otto's boxes
  • Improved Epic Otto's box
  • Tomes (mostly low ones)
  • Filigrees (already traded most of the rares off)

I do not know if/when I am going to be coming back to VIP. All I know is that I will not pay anymore into here for a while. Points, shards and in some cases platinum will be accepted for trades. At least I know these will keep value and allow me to get stuff when/if I want something.

For those that care I am only going away due to work/life balance, and the realization of how much I have spent on a game over the last year. Not happy with the game right now to a minor degree as well (mostly lag). I am going to stick around a bit, but just play a lot less and try playing it for free again.