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    Default Bad lag on Monday on Sarlona

    Earlier today, the last 5 minutes of our Von5 run took 20 minutes as we continued to wait for the lag to subside. We elected to not even attempt von6.

    Guild raid night is about to start as well... but why try raids when I can't even walk from one end of the guild ship to another?

    I know you all are trying, but its getting worse again.
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    Default very bad

    yes, it is bad,
    I got stuck in loading screen, then it crashed and simply cannot log into the game now for quite a while..
    so I give up..

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    Hope it gets fixed before hard core league #2
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    Default You're Not Alone

    Same on Argo as well. Keep getting huge lag moments, at one point getting attacked by drow in the underdark still in t pose. Game takes anywhere from 30-45 seconds to close down and almost twice as long to load up after character selection. For myself everything was fine until after last patch. I just assumed it was a large number of players logging in to start up their alchemist, but it seems to of gotten steadily worse.

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    Lots of bad lag on Orien server today was doing r seven or eight at cap lots of stuff was firing off but yeah it was a mess we lag froze, rubberbanded a lot and sometimes it just ran plain slow

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    Must have been across the board.
    Was on Ghallanda last night (Monday, UK time) and hit a few lag spikes. Maybe not so bad, but would stick for 3-4 seconds every now and again.

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