I have a Dwarven Barbarian level 30, running in Fury of the Wild, with some APs in Frenzied Berserker.
I logged today and was adding the bonuses it should have for strikethrough and checked it against what it is currently displaying in the + tab:

What it should have:
20% base chance
+60% Two Handed Fighting Feat
+30% Improved Two Handed Fighting Feat
+30% Greater Two Handed Fighting Feat
+30% Perfect Two Handed Fighting Feat
+20% Frenzied Berserker T2: Angry Arms
+20% Frenzied Berserker T3: Mad Munitions
+20% Fury of the wild ED: Malicious Weapons

TOTAL: 230

My character is only showing 200, though. This might be a bug, as I double-checked I had all the feats/enhancements required for what I listed above.

Perhaps the previous 200% cap from lama is still applying?

Anyone experiencing this too?

Would be great if this could be fixed some time soon with the next patch