RXB seems like its getting shafted recently relative to basically all other forms of ranged...DXB is king, Throwers are FOTM, GXB is still solid and even Bows are getting acknowledged, though they definitely are still in a bad way.

It seems like it doesnt have a defined rolespace anymore...DXB has boxed it out of the "rapid fire" role, GXB has always been the heavy-hitter role, and Bows are filling the Utility role and Throwers are now the easily-accessible role. There's nothing left for RXB to be that isnt just a worse version of something else.

So I think a completely novel new mechanic might help...something that doesnt boost DPS across the board, but might make it situationally better. Here's what I think:

RXBs now come with a "magazine", starting at a capacity of 3. It will have two "modes", coded as stances if it couldnt just be a switch: you can fire single shots or 3 shot bursts (which is what it currently does) with no reload animation; so about as fast as EF/NHB shoots right now. Either mode would have the same shots per minute, just controls whether they're grouped (and thus benefit from Special Attack effects in triplets) or single (and thus can switch targets much faster) Whenever you arent attacking, you'll automatically start reloading until your magazine is full again. You reload bolts one at a time, and the reload animation would be about 1/3 of the duration of the current one - so no net change in long-term shots per second.

BE enhancements (and potentially others) would increase your max magazine size, letting you store up more of a burst. This would make RXBs useful as burst DPS - you could fire off a big volley of rapid shots at the start of a fight, but eventually you need to spend the time to reload. Very useful against trash packs, where you might end the fight in a single volley and then reload on the way to the next one. Less useful in longer encounters, where your DPS normalizes back to what it is now (ie not really great).

NHB/EF would be reimagined as "Enchanted Cartridge", effectively giving you unlimited ammo for the duration and letting you go full-auto just as it currently does, then leaving you with a full magazine when it expires.

When you equip an RXB, it always starts with zero ammo, so you cant just swap out between loaded repeaters.

I think this would let RXBs have a unique playstyle that was sometimes, not always, better than other ranged weapons, and would create a fun new experience that was well-suited for the game as it currently exists.