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    Default Epic Catacombs feedback

    So far only Friars niece was run, and I like lore changes in quest but there was one big issue.

    Despite wearing Freedom of movement item, I spend good part of quest entangled.

    I'll add more stuff as I ran chain.

    In To find a witness, bishop Graylight (optional is to "report" to him) does not appear at end.

    Really scared me at start of Old Archives, I thgough i was gonna have to wait for long "stay a while and listen" but it was over soon. And I like changes in that quest, good work on that part. Issue: some zombies were CR 7.

    Tomb of Dryden... I recalled why I hate this one... slogfest... Again Graylight does not appear. And warlock EB can't break sarcophagi at center of crypt (works for all others)

    Setting the wards first one, nice changes, better than old version. undead rats spawning from breakables can take 5+ seconds to appear.

    Second ward one: Love the changes, feels better now.

    Endgame Marguerite: LOVE changes, always felt sorry for poor girl.

    Endgame Archbishop: .....

    why give any XP for that one? changes are good, but seriously, that XP is insulting.

    Altogether: Nice changes, XP is lacking, there are few issues as listed.

    On related note: What's with skeleton mobs in KotB and catacombs (will see about Delera later)?

    Yellow named hit harder than most same leveled red named, and apparently have very high hit rating, plus displacement is almost useless against them, as if they had true seeing.

    OK WHAT!?

    Renau does not offer ANY named?
    So if i wanna farm certain named from this pack I have to run ENTIRE CHAIN?

    At least let people who ran chain once enter each quest in any order, similar to Ravenloft quests.

    I mean GEEZ!
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    Default Agree with you totally.

    To be honest, I ran this mostly to see what epic versions of the items would be. And lo and behold the reward for running the 8 modules series is ... A Standard reward, very disappointing. Been playing since launch and have always had a soft spot for the Catacombs. Changes were all mostly good, Had the same issues with the Grey Gentleman, he was simply not there to talk to. Exp seemed a little low.

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    Greylight missing is intentional.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Thadeus Graylight from The Catacombs quests is temporarily unavailable. These quests can be completed, although some optional objectives can not. We are working to correct this issue soon.

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