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    Default Stuck at installing pre-reqs

    Hello forum,

    I can still play DDO on my old HP laptop no problem. Trying to get it to run on a new Dell with Windows 10, on same wifi. I did actually have it working, but then had to reinstall Windows (for reasons unconnected to the game). Downloaded all files, won't run. When I fire up DNDLauncher, I get the first little picture, then on to installing pre-reqs, then nothing.

    I've tried adjusting firewall to let all the DDO apps I could find through. No change. I've also tried turbineclientlauncher, and get "the game client was passed invalid command line parameters".

    Any suggestions?

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    try deleting all the clientXXXX.dat files, sometimes they get corrupted and the installer/uninstaller can't figure 'em out

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