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    Default Monsters cheesing exploits: Otyugh

    Can something be done about the notification spam when the Otyugh poisons you? It damages ALL your stats, repeatedly, and often...and so your GUI is covered with notifications that dont go away and block your sight. This seems like an improper way to make a fight challenging, especially since I should have blindness immunity :P Mobs are finding ways to exploit the game's mechanics!

    Also, because those notifications keep spamming the screen, anything else that's relevant gets pushed off and you cant see it - e.g., I just died because I ran out of ammo, and didnt get a notice...I just stopped shooting, so I was scrambling to see if I'd been made Helpless from the stat damage, or what - and by the time I'd manually diagnosed what happened, I'd already lost too much time and I got killed.

    Lack of pertinent information is one of the most frustrating ways to die.

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    It does that to me on challenges.
    I suddenly realize im not getting dragonshards, and its because the disruptor appeared, but i killed a kobold at the same time and got parts.

    At least on the challenges if I play with audio I will hear it.

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    Otyugh and Cheese just had me thinking about Luke and his green milk.....
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    Does ALT-Z remove these messages?
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